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KTSC Proficiency Award – 25 Metre Bench Rest Challenge

This challenge is about precision shooting, rather than grouping or speed.

It is shot with a scoped rifle. Any form of front support can be used (bag, bipod, sack of carrots, etc) but the butt cannot be supported, other than in the shoulder.

You will require one of the 25m target cards and twenty five rounds of ammo. You can make copies of this target and shoot as many practices as you like, but only the official club cards cards that are signed and dated by the RO of the day are acceptable for awards. There are some of these in the green desk in the shed.

Take one shot at each target on the card. A card with more than one shot on any one target will be disqualified, so be careful. The card has ten sighter targets on it as well. You can put as many rounds as you like through these but they don’t count towards the final total. There is no time limit when shooting the card – take as long as you like but aim to finish before darkness falls.

Add up your score. Scoring is inward gauging – if you cut a line you get the higher score.

Get it scored and signed by the RO of the day if it qualifies for a badge.

Badges available from the secretary, at £10.00 each.






215+ points.

228+ points.