Team Benchrest Comp 14th August


A team competition, with 4 teams of 3 shooters. Shot at 100m, then 50m and then 25m. Benchrest rules applied, so no support at the rear of the gun. All 3 team members scores at 100m were counted. At 50m the best scoring team member scores were not counted, ie only the 2nd and 3rd best scores went towards the team total. At 25m the best 2 scoring team members’ scores were not counted, with only the lowest score going towards the team total. If extra shot(s) were found on each target, the best scoring shot(s) were discarded, so only 25 shots were counted.



Here are the overall team results, and the top individual scores. A win overall for Team B (Pete, Simon, Ewan), with Jimmy being the top individual shooter.

Crow shoot

A fun comp shot at 100, 50 and 25m, shot on 3 separate crow targets.


100m: 2 minutes of sighters and then 3 minutes to shoot 10 shots at the crowd target. Shot off elbows on the bench, no bags or rests allowed.

50m: 3 minutes to shoot 10 shots at a crow target, any sighters must be included in the 3 minutes. Shot sitting, squatting or kneeling, no rests allowed.

25m: as above, but shot free standing.


This is the crow target we used ** target to add as a download*


This was a runaway win for Jimmy who shot a fantastic score. The scores were:

And here is the Club Champ, looking justifiably pleased with his performance:

Benchrest Competition

This was originally intended to be a competition vs Oundle, but they failed to provide a team. So we did it as an internal competition, on 28th November. Rules were as follows:

A team competition, with each competitor shooting at 25m, then 50m and then 100m. Bipods, bags or rests can be used for the fore-end of the gun, but the butt of the gun must be in the shoulder, and no butt bags or rear rests can be used. No slings of any description, but shooting gloves and jackets are allowed. Note: these are national comp rules which we are following.

At 25m, shot on the target below (A4, 1 target), no time limit, and one shot in each target making a maximum possible score of 250. Download PDF here.

Below is the target used at 50m (A4 with 2 targets used). No time limit. One shot in each of the 15 scored targets and 2 in each of the remaining 5. Maximum possible score of 250 with 25 shots to be scored. Download the PDF here.

Below is the target used at 100m (A3, with 1 target used). No time limit. Five shots in each of the scoring targets, with a maximum possible score of 250 with 25 shots to be scored. Download PDF here.

These are the results. It was a narrow win for Team A led by Stan. The individual winner was Stan, with Pete in 2nd place and Jimmy and Ian tied for 3rd.

Range open as per normal

The firing range is now open as per normal, normally each day of the week from 10 – 12, except Mondays (when the whole grounds are shut):

  • Saturday – 25m
  • Sunday – 25m
  • Tuesday – 25m
  • Wednesday – 25m
  • Thursday – 50m
  • Friday – 100m

All sessions just turn up, except Fridays which are booked through Pete.

Range open!

The range is now open again as before. Please see the emails from Pete that set out the Covid precautions in place. Good to see everyone again!

Range re-opening on 30th March

We are planning to re-open the range on Tuesday 30th March, operating under the same rules that we had after the previous lock down. Pete will send out an update nearer the time. It will be great to see everyone again!

Update 2nd November 2020

Due to the new national lock down announced at the weekend, the shooting range will be closed from Thursday 5th November, for a month. Boris apparently doesnt consider us to be in the Elite Sport category, well not yet anyway….. We will post here any updates we get, and also send information out to members by email.

Hope everyone stays well!