If you are interested in this, see below. Note this is done in the Kibworth Shooting Club grounds (where all the shotgunners are), not on the KTSC ranges.

Gordon has put together the following info about this very interesting new initiative: Steve B and I have worked with KSG and the Police to get this off the ground.  It is fully self-funded and the club is a not-for-profit organisation.  We are a friendly bunch and welcome all,  although the word ‘dynamic’ is used it just means moving about at your pace, and not at a great pace either, so all should be able to have fun shooting dynamic.  Before shooting dynamic shotgun you need to be trained and assessed as safe to move with a loaded firearm – a 40-point briefing and assessment course is conducted at our Range Safety Area on the day you first come to shoot. 
We shoot semi-automatic 12g shotguns with max 28gram, and 7 size shot fibre cartridges at various set courses of fire using mainly ‘knock-over’ 20cmx15cm steel plates as targets.  We’re up at the North-West corner of KSG.  Most shooters shoot 3-shot Section 2 semi- automatic shotguns although we have Police authority to shoot Section 1 Shotguns at our range and do. 
The targets are on, or low to, the ground and you are timed to your last shot of the course. Our courses of fire meet all IPSC safety requirements when shooting steel targets.  Only one shooter shoots at a time and is safety monitored by a dedicated, qualified Range Officer.  All other shooters watch from behind a safety line.  Guns are stored safely in a gun- rack until the shooter is permitted by the RO to get their gun. 
So we offer a safe and enjoyable new shooting sport and you get exercise too, once a shooter has finished and safely stored their gun the others move forward to reset all the steel plates so not only is it a fun way of shot-gunning it is great exercise too.  For anyone new we have club semi-autos for free use and sell ammo at the range so you don’t need to spend a lot of money to try it.  Visitors and guests of members can shoot for £15 shotgun included and our annual membership fee is £90 (£80 for KTSC members).  Club members need to also be members of KSG.  Importantly, bring hearing protection and safety glasses as we must wear them at all times at the range. 
If you’re interested please contact Gordon R on Wednesday mornings at the 25m range, and you can find his phone number on the club noticeboard if you want to ring him.

Dynamic Shotgun