Hi Everyone

I hope you’re all safe and well.

A couple of important points need raising this time.

Firstly, some guidance about the range procedure for misfires. Several of the ROs have expressed concerns that the procedures for misfires have not been correctly followed in some instances recently. To be clear, if you get a mis-fire you need to inform the RO, as per the briefing before every session. This includes instances of magazine fed rifles being emptied and a ‘dead man’s click’ being heard. The firer assumes that this is just an indication that the magazine is empty, but it could just as easily be due to the last round being a misfire and still in the chamber. Therefore, the misfire procedure should be followed. If you remember to correctly count your rounds, this problem should not arise in the first place.

Also, percussion black-powder revolvers: If a chamber doesn’t fire, it is highly dangerous to ignore it and just crank on to the next round. Follow the correct procedure and declare a mis-fire.

Secondly, we have had two instances recently of the sights on club guns being damaged by being ‘adjusted’ incorrectly. All of the club guns are more-or-less sighted in for 25m. If you are using one and feel the sighting needs adjusting, please ask the RO to check it first and alter it if necessary. Don’t do it yourself.

On a more positive note, I am looking to schedule a Bisley day for a Sunday in August. July is almost impossible to book because of the Imperial Meeting, which is spread across the whole month. August is quieter, so I’ll keep you posted when I get an actual date.

Finally, this Saturday is our July guest day, usual T&Cs apply (see the website if you need more info). We do have a few extra guests coming so any help with a bit of extra supervision would be welcome.

Best regards for now

Peter F

Update 4.7.25 Important