Hello Everyone

I hope you’re all keeping safe and well.

Let’s get the usual bit about renewals out of the way first. There has been an excellent response to the request for early renewals – we have processed over 70 so far, which is way better than I expected. Many thanks to all those who answered the call. I’ll be at the range tomorrow morning with some new cards to distribute and to collect any forms/fees that anyone wants to pass on.

The bad news is that inflation has finally caught up with us and the cost of club ammo will have rise. From tomorrow (27 April) the cost of a box of 50 .22 rounds will be £6.00. This is first rise for a lot of years, but if we don’t implement it we’ll be selling at a loss. Please have the right money if you want ammo – the ROs cannot be expected to carry a pocketful of change if everyone pays with £10 notes.

Some members may be aware of the development of a new shotgun facility that will allow a version of practical shotgunning to take place for those who are interested. I’ll say more about this in the next update, but this looks to be an exciting new development.

Finally, a reminder that next Saturday (May 4th) is our next guest day – usual terms and conditions apply. These can be found on the website if you need reminding.

Best regards for now

Peter F