Hello Everyone

I hope you’re all keeping safe and well.

At long last some decent Spring weather has arrived and the ground has dried sufficiently for us to begin parking on the range again, starting from tomorrow (Sat. 1th May). If you arrive early, please don’t block the drive for the Range Officer of the day – they should always be first in. Just wait at the bottom of the drive, leaving the access clear.

Another reminder that club ammo is now £6.00 a box. Please have the correct money so ROs don’t have to be managing a load of change.

Finally, membership renewals. So far the new card technology has been working surprisingly well. Many thanks again to those members who renewed a bit earlier than usual and greatly helped us get the system up and running. A reminder that the old cards expire at the end of this month so if you haven’t renewed yet, don’t delay much longer.

I will be at the range tomorrow morning between 10.00 and 11.00 to receive any forms and payments, and can also do any photographs if necessary. I also have a goodly number of cards that can be collected be members who have renewed already.

Best regards for now

Peter F